Kathy Vassil (Delray Beach)
  • My teak furniture was eight years old and covered in stains.  I hated looking at it and even more, people sitting in it.  At one point I even considered giving it away.  Then I decided to give it one last chance.  That's when I called Teak Furniture Refinishing.  Amazingly, it looks like new and I've vowed to never let it look like that again! 

Irene Smolinski (Pompano Beach)
  • I had been told that the berries from my tree that had stained my teak table and chairs would not come out unless I "grind down" the wood.  A week later I was referred to Teak Furniture Refinishing who said that berry stains certainly can be problematic but that they wouldn't have to compromise the integrity of the wood to restore it.  I am pleased to say that it looks great and I would recommend them to anyone.
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